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Special Events

Life is brimming with special moments, and I'm here to make each of them even more extraordinary! Whether you're attending a gala, a milestone celebration, getting ready for your wedding day, or any event where you want to shine, my special events makeup service is tailored to make you stand out in the crowd and help you be the most radiant and confident version of yourself!

Weddings and Bridal

Experience bridal elegance with our wedding makeup services. Let’s transform your special day into a vision of beauty as we tailor exquisite makeup looks to enhance your natural radiance. From timeless classics to contemporary trends, our expertise ensures you walk down the aisle with confidence and grace. We will create a personalized wedding makeup experience, bringing forth your unique beauty on this cherished day where you will shine.

  • Makeup Trial: We will first meet to create your perfect makeup trial. This service runs $150 and is credited towards your wedding day once the package is booked.

  • Bridal Hair Touch Ups: From elegant updos to romantic curls, our skilled hairstylists will create the perfect hairstyle to complement your bridal ensemble.

  • Pro Hairdresser:  Available for more fancy updos

  • Professional Makeup Application: Using high-quality products and techniques our makeup artists will enhance your natural beauty and create a flawless bridal makeup look that lasts all day.

  • Bridal Dressing Assistance: On your special day, our team will be on hand to assist with dressing and ensure that every detail is perfect, so you feel confident and beautiful.

  • Beauty Touch-Up Services: Throughout the day, we’ll provide touch-up services to keep your hair and makeup looking fresh and flawless, allowing you to focus on celebrating with your loved ones for additional pricing.

Celebrations & Events

Sofia Bee is your partner in creating stunning looks for all your special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or corporate event, our team of beauty experts is here to ensure you shine.

  • Customized Makeup and Hair Styling: We will work with you to create a personalized look that matches the theme and atmosphere of your event, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

  • Flawless makeup Application: Our skilled makeup artists will use premium products and techniques to create a makeup look that enhances your features and lasts throughout the event.

  • Elegant Hair Styling: Whether you prefer sleek and sophisticated or soft and romantic, our hairstylists will create a hairstyle that compliments your outfit and adds a touch of glamour to your look.

  • Beauty Touch-Up Services: Throughout the event, we’ll be on hand to provide touch-up services and ensure you look picture-perfect from start to finish.

With Sofia Bee, you’ll be the belle of the ball at every celebration and event.

Dating & Romance

At Sofia Bee, we understand the importance of feeling confident and beautiful on romantic occasions. Whether it’s a first date, anniversary dinner, or special night out, our beauty services are designed to make you feel your best.

  • Romantic Makeup Application: Our makeup artists will create a soft and alluring makeup look that highlights your best features and enhances your natural beauty, ensuring you look and feel irresistible.

  • Glamorous Hair Styling: From sleek and sophisticated to tousled waves, our hairstylists will create a hairstyle that adds an element of romance to your look and complements your personal style.

  • Personalized Beauty Consultation: We’ll work with you to understand your preferences and create a look that matches the mood and atmosphere of your romantic occasion, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful.

  • Beauty Touch-Up Services: Throughout your romantic rendezvous, we’ll be on hand to provide touch-up services and ensure your makeup and hair stay flawless, allowing you to relax and enjoy the magic of the moment.

With Sofia Bee, you’ll make a lasting impression on every romantic occasion.